DJ LeMahieu's rally-killing double bunt was dumbest moment in recent Yankees history

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees / Elsa/GettyImages

Unless DJ LeMahieu was hurt during his seventh-inning at-bat against Orioles bullpen ace Yennier Cano, Yankees fans might've just witnessed the dumbest moment of 2023.

And, if he was hurt ... allowing an injured man to bat with RISP might qualify as Aaron Boone's dumbest moment of 2023 anyway. So we're covered here in making that declaration.

LeMahieu has had several off days lately, so who knows whether or not he's nursing something secretive, but he did play a key part in the Yankees' game-tying, fifth-inning rally, ripping a single to cut the deficit to one.

Following Anthony Rizzo's bloop single to left -- which seemed likely to score Gleyber Torres, but somehow didn't -- it became LeMahieu's job once again to get a crucial run across against Cano, who's been nearly untouchable this year.

On the first pitch, he tried to drag bunt. OK. Interesting. Not my first choice, but cute if it works. He fouled it off.

On the second pitch ... he bunted again? The contact play was on? Torres was hosed at the plate by a mile? What are we doing here?

What were DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Boone doing bunting to kill Yankees rally vs Orioles?

The Yankees have been in "Battle Back" mode for the duration of this game due to some early Gerrit Cole struggles, and this had the chance to be a fairly inspiring inning.

Unfortunately, the pessimists among us knew something would go wrong when Torres was held at third on Rizzo's great job of hitting. A stud like Cano doesn't usually give you a second chance.

Maybe LeMahieu (and Boone) were being cowardly in trying to protect against the double play? Whatever the motivation, this was a clear dud, something every single person in the stadium knew (except the people in charge of telling the offense what to do).

After the inning, the crowd booed, which I had a problem with. They should've booed even louder.