Yankees deliver first positive Aaron Judge update and the excitement is real

Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The nebulous New York Yankees injury updates have finally taken a positive turn, most importantly concerning their prized star in Aaron Judge. Never thought we'd see the day, but Thursday provided fans with a reason to be optimistic about the reigning MVP's timetable for return.

Ok, well, yeah ... there's still no timetable. But there seems to be a bit more certainty and clarity regarding Judge's progress, which is a lot better than manager Aaron Boone getting testy with the media relentlessly asking question's about the slugger's status.

Boone talked to reporters ahead of the series finale against the Seattle Mariners (the Yankees are going for the sweep) and revealed Judge has moved onto workouts that he wasn't able to do as recently as this weekend.

Last fans heard, Judge received a second PRP injection and was believed to have experienced a "breakthrough" -- something everyone rolled their eyes at since there was no evidence of said breakthrough.

We're still not sure if we'd go as far to label Judge doing more balance and strength work quite that, but it's a step in the right direction, especially after Boone added that he could begin "light hitting" by the end of this week.

Yankees provide positive Aaron Judge update and the optimism is real

Boone cautioned that the recovery remains slow, but that this progress is "real," and when have you heard a single Yankees official express that kind of candor about one of their most important players dealing with a complicated injury?

The Yankees are beyond guarded and extra careful in their messaging and handling of injured players, so a revelation like this on the Judge front feels particularly important. If he can begin baseball activities in a few days, that'll be confirmation of all of this trending favorably.

Just six days ago, it was revealed Judge had his second PRP injection and that a second ligament in his toe was causing discomfort. The reiteration of "no timetable" had fans fretting because of the discovery of a new issue nearly two weeks after the injury was sustained.

He's now moving far more than he's been since June 3, and while he's likely to be absent through the All-Star break, one more promising update could have him back right when the midsummer festivities conclude.