Carlos Rodón's wife drops husband's Taylor Swift karaoke as excellent MLB Draft troll

Start spreadin' the news...he's got more bangers.
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If you enjoyed the clip that circulated this offseason of Yankees free agent signee Carlos Rodón's ironic draft night Frank Sinatra impression, where he crooned the theme from "New York, New York" and accurately predicted his own future, you'll probably like the rest of his demo tape, too.

Luckily, Ashley Rodón has you covered.

Having this couple in the organization for the next six years seems likely to produce a good deal of laughs. Both are off-kilter in the best way possible, from Carlos roasting his kids after his introductory Yankees press conference to Ashley standing up for her husband's rehab timeline or roasting fans for taking paparazzi shots of the pair overseas.

And now, Yankee fans have been introduced to what they hope will becomean annual tradition: Ashley posting the full draft night karaoke video her husband decided to give to MLB Network back in 2014, seemingly as a gift for future generations.

Rodón imitates Sinatra, but then moves on to a "pitch-perfect" Taylor Swift (in character) before wrapping by rapping the Beastie Boys and declaring himself "big-league." No notes.

Yankees left-hander Carlos Rodón brought karaoke vibes to 2014 MLB Draft

The beat......DRRRRAFT!

Can't you see that Rodón belongs with the New York Yankees these days, even though his future was foretold way back on draft night? This near-decade-long love story was consummated when both Rodón and Hal Steinbrenner just said yes after a tense contract negotiation with a smiling Scott Boras. It's a lot less romantic when you put it that way, but still.

While someone else might be cheer captain, Yankee fans will gladly be "on" the bleachers for Rodón's starts down the stretch as long as he's able to build off his solid 69-pitch outing against the Cubbies in his 2023 debut.

His intensity on the mound and unyielding competitiveness is one of his main selling points. Just ... don't show his opponents this video. Could be detrimental to maintaining his aggressive edge.

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