Anthony Volpe caught giggling before Aaron Boone ejection is pure comedy

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

After only a month and a half in pinstripes, New York Yankees rookie Anthony Volpe already seems to be ready for the show before Aaron Boone's shtick even begins.

On Boone's way out of the dugout in the eighth inning on Monday night to scream at home plate umpire Clint Vondrak, Volpe was caught giggling in the background before the ranting and raving even began.

Of course, Volpe knew exactly where this one was going. Umpires call low strikes on Aaron Judge like it's their job. It wasn't the 6-0 game in Toronto on Boone's mind. It was the seven full years of home plate umps having no idea where Judge's knees begin.

It ... it was funny, though, to see Boone lose his mind in a game that seemed out of reach, at the time. Respect Volpe. He's a player and a fan.

Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe caught laughing at Aaron Boone's anger

Or maybe Volpe was laughing because he knew Judge was about to cheat his way to drilling a hanging slider into dead center field?! Oooooh, CONSPIRACY.

Well, son of a Vondrak, maybe Boone was just trying to distract reliever Jay Jackson and intimidate him into throwing something other than a slider! Jackson refused to be deterred and went to the slider again. Wrong call.

According to Judge, the chirping from the dugout didn't stop, which is why he was side-eyeing in that direction, trying to get a handle on who to confront later. After all, you don't want to wake up the Jays in a 6-0 game in the eighth (soon to be 7-0), and ... Judge's concern turned out to be accurate. Against the odds, Daulton Varsho came up as the tying run in this game in the bottom of the very same inning.

Just be glad the Yankees got out alive so that Volpe could giggle all the way back into the visiting clubhouse.