Yankees announcers Todd Frazier, Michael Kay roast Aaron Rodgers, troll Gerrit Cole

New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers seems to have chosen the Yankees over the Mets, but based on the way the on-field product revolted Monday, they apparently haven't chosen him back.

Rodgers was spotted early in Monday's game sitting in a suite, apparently an invited guest of the game's starter, Marcus Stroman. Stroman was dominant through 7 1/3 innings, but Clay Holmes suffered his first conclusive hiccup of the year, giving up soft candy after the Mariners spent eight innings turning the Yankees' hard grounders into double plays.

Objectively, like the Jets' past 50 years, it sucked to watch. Luckily for Rodgers, he didn't appear to be watching the game -- at least, not early on -- and got sideswiped a few times by the fun-loving new Yankees booth of Michael Kay and standout 2017 addition Todd Frazier.

As the broadcast showed Rodgers, the two speculated on what he was discussing with his suite mates, before casually including that, based on his personal history, it could be literally anything. Xs and Os, space chemicals, how to steal the Declaration of Independence back from Nick Cage...anything.

Yankees announcers Todd Frazier, Michael Kay troll Aaron Rodgers and Gerrit Cole

Rodgers, of course, has invited enough controversy in his one year away from Green Bay to ignite four or five additional darkness retreats. Apparently, though, he's now focused on the 2024 Jets, and has turned his back on running for office, in much the same way he turned his back on Monday's game.

Midway through the contest, Frazier uncorked another jab from his back pocket when Kay noted that he'd drilled a pair of homers during a successful MLB career against Gerrit Cole, who's currently on the mend.

Not only was Frazier aware of his pair of dingers, but he certainly seemed to remember one in particular.

Fact check on Frazier shows that one of his homers off Cole barely escaped the friendly confines of the Great American Ballpark, but one of them certainly did go a long way. That first blast, though, looked a lot more like the physics-defying homer Frazier hit in the ALCS against Houston, which led to unfounded cheating allegations long before the real ones surfaced.

Regardless of the outcome Monday, it's safe to say that Frazier's levity -- either on the pregame show or in the booth -- went a long way towards leveling up the broadcast.