Aaron Judge has high praise for Yankees teammate Harrison Bader on ESPN broadcast

New York Yankees Spring Training
New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages

Aaron Judge may fancy himself a center fielder from time to time, but even the Yankees captain feels safe acknowledging that Harrison Bader does things with the glove he "couldn't even imagine".

And while Bader's acquisition from the Cardinals may have been controversial last summer, it's safe to say his Yankees teammates have fallen in line with the fan base and gotten fully on board -- and quickly -- with his place on the team moving forward.

Now, all that's left is that extension. Aaron, got $20 million you could kick in, maybe?

During his time mic'd up on ESPN's spring training broadcast on Wednesday afternoon, Judge gave fans some insight into just how impressed he's been with Bader, his running mate in center.

While praising the speedster for "always communicating," Bader unknowingly cemented Judge's point, communicating while the right fielder was praising his skills.

Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge is blessed to play alongside Harrison Bader

Even if Bader doesn't replicate his 2022 playoff heater, when he ripped five dingers in nine games and hit .400 against the vaunted Houston Astros, he'll still be an extremely valuable Yankee if he brings his 2021 Gold Glove defense to center for ~162 games.

Prior to Bader's arrival, ex-teammate Matt Carpenter praised him effusively, readying Yankee fans for "the best defensive center fielder in baseball," while claiming the crowd would end up "amazed". Now, after just about a month playing together, you can add Judge to the chorus of praise.

The whole alignment makes more sense when there's a stud natural center fielder plugged into the middle of the Yankees' plans. Shifting Judge in that direction never made much sense, and as he ages and needs to keep his legs fresher, right field should be his long-term home.

Bader, as an added bonus, is way more than just a "natural center fielder". He might be the game's best, and Judge is very thankful he arrived for Year 1 of his captaincy.