Aaron Hicks' response to Yankees roll call proves team has let this drag on too long

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Just when New York Yankees fans thought it couldn't get any worse for Aaron Hicks, the veteran outfielder willingly works to make things bleaker for himself. This time, it wasn't the atrocious defense, poor body language, complete lack of feel at the plate, or talking to the media about how he's frustrated with the limited role he very much deserves.

This time, he all but officially ignored the Bleacher Creatures' roll call, and if you ask any current or former Yankee, that's a BIG no-no.

During Tuesday night's game against the Cleveland Guardians, Hicks was seen on video hardly acknowledging the crowd chanting his name -- a gesture of support, for once! -- while he was in the field during the first inning.

Harrison Bader, who was called right before Hicks, turned during a pause in play and gestured toward the right field bleachers and got a cheerful response. Hicks? He waited about 15 seconds and then lazily raised his glove hand in the air.

He doesn't want to be here. The fans don't want him here. He's not filling a need for this team in any capacity. So why are we still doing this?

Aaron Hicks couldn't care less about Yankees' roll call during game

For the sake of both parties -- more importantly for Hicks, arguably! -- this relationship needs to end. Hicks has played in 19 games and is hitting .146 with a .357 OPS, 4 (four!) OPS+, one RBI and 14 strikeouts in 52 plate appearances. He's in the 17th percentile for outs above average, and has been good for a -0.2 dWAR, and -1 Defensive Runs Saved.

The Yankees, by far, have the worst production from the left field position in the entire league. It's not all Hicks' fault, but he's played 12 of the team's 31 games out there through Tuesday's action. And, in theory, he's supposed to be better than Oswaldo Cabrera, who's also been struggling, but is somehow still way better than Hicks!

Performance is one thing. Everybody pretty much knew this was Hicks' fate. His lone productive, fully healthy season came during the juiced ball era in 2018. Before and after that, he was never fully healthy again outside of the shortened 2020 season.

But to appear disengaged, complain to the media, and now nearly shun the most loyal Yankees fans? How can anybody in the front office tell us that this whole thing hasn't run its course three times over by now?