Yankees' Aaron Boone pulls no punches with surprisingly harsh Gleyber Torres quote

Boone didn't have much sympathy here.
New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Gleyber Torres' error did not lose Thursday's matinee game in Baltimore for the New York Yankees. But, like most of Torres' misplays, it showed up at the worst possible time for magnification purposes, smack dab in the middle of a brutal game devoid of positive takeaways. Every time he fails, it's somehow crafted perfectly to leave you remembering the mistake for 24+ hours.

This time, Aaron Boone was having none of it, displaying a low degree of his trademark player-centric patience when it came to Torres.

Over in one corner of the clubhouse, Torres was talking about how the Yankees were "punched in the face" by the Orioles, a team they'll have to defeat for the division, and a team they were lucky to swipe a game off of in this four-game set where the Yanks scored six total runs.

In the other corner, Boone was flexing his gloves, hitting Torres with a powerful right hook. "It's the big leagues," Boone stated. "You've got to make the play."

Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres blasted by Aaron Boone

And, you know what? You really do have to make that play. Of all the makable plays, this might've been Torres' most makable. Unfortunately, as Joel Sherman pinged weeks ago, the Yankees' second baseman took another trip to fantasy camp at the least opportune time.

You can never assume a double play. But you can certainly assume one out. You can certainly assume this out.

Was Carlos Rodón good on Thursday? No; it was his worst outing, despite superior stuff in the second inning. But things could've looked far better without Torres' gaffe.

Would the Yankees have won this game if Torres hadn't fumbled a double play? No way; the Yankees have myriad offensive inconsistencies to work out. Ironically, Torres hit his first homer of the season once the game was already decided and the pressure was off.

But if you believe Torres' comments indicating his head is currently in the game during his walk year, we've got a bridge to sell you. It's either a long-term Juan Soto deal, or this beautiful bridge. Which would you rather splurge on?

You don't have to read terribly far between the lines to perceive that Boone's patience is running thin with his current second baseman, who had a chance to cement himself as a Yankee for life, and now must erase another month from the team's memory if he intends to stick around next year.