Yankees 4th-round pick Roc Riggio hints at good signing update on IG, Twitter

Is New York Yankees draftee Roc Riggio ready to put pen to paper?

Oklahoma State second baseman Roc Riggio throws out a Baylor runner at O'Brate Stadium in
Oklahoma State second baseman Roc Riggio throws out a Baylor runner at O'Brate Stadium in / NATHAN J FISH/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

Tuesday, July 25 is the rapidly approaching deadline for the New York Yankees to sign their entire 2023 MLB Draft haul, though the group still remains incomplete.

Last week, the Yankees announced they'd signed 17 of their 18 selections -- including first-rounder George Lombard Jr. -- with the lone exception of Roc Riggio. There was still time, sure. But the Yankees making a formal signing announcement of their complete pile of draftees minus one felt ominous. Add in all the Oklahoma State ties remaining on Riggio's social media accounts, and it seemed like the draft eligible sophomore might've preferred running it back in Stillwater, despite the Yankees having enough of their pool remaining to pull off an above-slot deal.

But things may have changed on Sunday morning, when Riggio's dormant social accounts suddenly woke up, packed with New York references.

First, Riggio snapped a photo of his car stereo playing Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind". Was the ROC suddenly in the building?!

When that missive was followed swiftly by a series of Statue of Liberty emojis and a photo of Riggio posed in a Yankee hat, it seemed impossible for the sequence to be an accident (or a tease).

Yankees fourth-round draft pick Roc Riggio dropping signing hints on social media

But wait, there's more! And it's even less cryptic!

Before Twitter could turn to "X," Riggio got one more positive message in for fans in the BX.

In response to a fan's stated desire for "more heart" from the modern Yankees (embodied in their mind by Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia), Riggio himself tweeted, "Let's bring it back!"

This only endeared him further to a fan base starved for both championships and an attitude adjustment. Now ... he just has to make it official.

As of Monday morning, no official signing announcement has dropped, but Riggio knows both the stakes and the score, at this point. He knows how much money the Yankees can offer. He likely also knows their best and final offer.

Both figures seem to have put him in a New York State of Mind on Sunday, and hopefully that's left him ready to transport his swagger to the Bronx.