3 way-too-early AL East overreactions that could affect Yankees

Detroit Tigers v Tampa Bay Rays
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Orioles should've supplemented their young core in free agency (that pitching ... woof)

Nobody should be shocked by the Boston Red Sox teeing off, given three sloppy-weather Fenway Park home games to start off the campaign. Nine runs in all three of their games against the Orioles to start things off, though, becoming the third team in MLB history to reach that plateau? Yeah. Little surprising, though it would've been only seven runs in Game 2 if O's outfielder Ryan McKenna knew how to catch the final out. But not outright stunning. The Sox can bash.

But ... can the Orioles hang on the mound?

Opening Day starter Kyle Gibson was this team's major free agent addition after a resurgent 2022 season, spurred by a young core that was arriving all at once, and he held things together on Thursday (before the bullpen hung on for dear life). But wasn't the time for the Orioles to act now? They couldn't have been players for Carlos Correa, with ex-Astros front office members Mike Elias and Sig Mejdal currently leading their efforts? They couldn't have chased Carlos Rodón (or Taijuan Walker, or Nathan Eovaldi, or Jameson Taillon ...), considering how few pitching prospects they have at the upper levels of their farm? Beyond Grayson Rodriguez, it's mostly offense down there.

The waves of bashing Orioles bats should continue to arrive in the years to come, from Jackson Holliday to Colton Cowser to Heston Kjerstad. But without arms in reserve, they should've added some high-upside free agent firepower this offseason. Now, they're limping out of Boston looking like a lesser team than last year, which shouldn't happen.

Was this segment born out of residual anger because the Orioles have no idea how to catch the final out to secure a series win at Fenway? Maybe. Little bit.