3 possible trade destinations for Aaron Hicks as Yankees 'frustration' builds

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees
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Aaron Hicks Trade Destination: Miami Marlins

This is, probably, the dream for Hicks. A life in Miami. Tee time at Doral. A genuine chance to steal outfield reps from the likes of Jesús Sánchez and Bryan De La Cruz, among other Quad-A players the Marlins are trying to slot into their depth chart. A perfect situation ... again, as long as the Yankees are willing to pay. This is another hyper-cheap team that's not playing around -- and, we're sorry, Aaron, but those are the teams where the reps are available.

You want guaranteed reps as a 33-year-old on the back nine of your career, though? You're going to (likely) have to sacrifice winning. Your shot at a ring decreases with every insinuation of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. The road to additional playing time will almost definitely be paved with losses, empty seats and a different kind of grief, and no pitch clock can save you from the interminable fate of playing behind poor pitching.

Maybe -- maybe -- the Yankees can really luck out here and swap disappointment for disappointment, attaching a prospect to get their hands on 2020 Rookie of the Year runner-up Trevor Rogers. Rogers posted a 5.47 ERA last season and a 1.50 WHIP, though most agree his "stuff" still looks good. He's equally bent out of shape in Miami, and could help the Yankees import high-upside pitching depth at a cost they have no interest in keeping around.

Oh, who are we kidding, though? It'll probably be Miami's Rookie Ball catching prospect Ronald Hernandez, MLB Pipeline's No. 22 Marlins prospect, at the very best. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.