3 outfield trade options for 2023 Yankees: 1 obvious, 1 sneaky, 1 mistake

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
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Sneaky Yankees Trade Deadline Candidate: Hunter Renfroe

No player with Hunter Renfroe's skill set has ever played for more teams in this short a span of time, but ... if he's dealt at the deadline, that will mark six different clubs since 2019 (Padres, Rays, Red Sox, Brewers, Angels).

Renfroe's availability depends entirely on the Angels' performance, in what might be the most important year in franchise history. If they contend, they'll be giving themselves at least a chance to retain Shohei Ohtani, the singular man who has changed modern baseball. If they're in it at the deadline, they'll need to buy harder than they've ever bought before to maximize that window.

And if they're out of it? Everything must go. That's why we've also got our eyes on Taylor Ward in left, who's controllable through 2026 and won't be traded unless the Angels hit the reset button hard.

If things begin to spiral, even an Ohtani trade could be on the table, making a Renfroe deal the least of the Angels' worries. He's on a one-year deal. He has a sterling defensive reputation with an all-time hose for an arm. He's already accrued 1.0 WAR this season. He has light-tower power, and tormented the Yankees during his season in Boston.

It's strange he continues to bounce around, considering he's a modern baseball dream: grip it, rip it, catch it, hose it. It'd be nice if he hit from the left side, but if the Angels are in sell mode, beggars can't be choosers.