3 outfield trade options for 2023 Yankees: 1 obvious, 1 sneaky, 1 mistake

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
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Obvious Yankees Trade Deadline Candidate: Joc Pederson

You're going to hear a ton about Joc Pederson this season. He slugs. He mashes. He does it in the playoffs. He's been a fun Yankees free agency target and deadline candidate (that has never materialized) several times over.

Now, he's playing out an expensive one-year deal for a floundering San Francisco team, and can probably be had this July for a pro-rated amount of his hefty $19.65 million qualifying offer.

Pederson turned himself into an even more ideal Yankee by ending up on the shelf early in the season with a wrist issue, but he's already hummed along with a .256 average and .365 OBP, good for a 132 OPS+.

Most importantly (for some Yankee fans), a Pederson acquisition would mean an all-time postseason-tested bat making his way to the Bronx. Adding a player who has an .814 career playoff OPS with 12 homers in 79 games could do for the Yankees what Kyle Schwarber did for Boston in 2021 (but with an obvious positional fit this time).

Take Pederson from the remarkably spacious Oracle Park, where the right-field seats are waterlogged, and place him at Yankee Stadium? Yeah. There's a reason this is an obvious target.