When is the MLB Draft 2023 (and when do Yankees pick)?

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The 2023 MLB Draft will (hopefully) be as fruitful for the New York Yankees as the last one was, when they nabbed superhuman Spencer Jones towards the back of the first round.

Hopefully, that pick pans out and Jones' five-tool package continues to translate when he reaches the MLB level. As of now, it seems like a fun one to brag about.

So, when do the Yankees get the chance to repeat that steal? The 2023 MLB Draft will take place on the Sunday night of All-Star Weekend, between the Futures Game (Saturday) and the Home Run Derby (Monday) in Seattle. That's Sunday, July 9, to be specific.

This year's MLB Draft will look almost exactly like last year's (following the 2022 ratification of the CBA), but with a few distinct differences. We'll explain.

How Many Rounds Are in the MLB Draft? A Brief History

The 2023 MLB Draft will go 20 rounds, which is more reasonable than the old days, when it annually spanned 40. Back in the day, it could go through 62, which is how late Mike Piazza was selected. It's a shame they got rid of that. Would be pretty cool to take Aaron Judge Jr. in the 62nd round someday as a favor to his pops.

The main difference this season is the addition of a 29th overall pick for the Seattle Mariners in honor of Julio Rodriguez winning the Rookie of the Year award.

Quoth MLB:

"If a player who was rated as a preseason Top 100 prospect by MLB Pipeline, Baseball America, and/or ESPN (at least two of the three) and was on his team's Opening Day roster goes on to win the Rookie of the Year Award, the club is awarded a Prospect Promotion Incentive pick after the first round."


Cool! Hopefully, the Yankees get a Prospect Promotion Incentive pick next season. That would mean Anthony Volpe took home the 2023 honors.

When do Yankees pick in 2023 MLB Draft?

The Yankees select 26th overall this year, though they forfeited their second-round pick for signing Carlos Rodón this offseason.

Last year, the Jones pick was 25th overall. Every year, the Dodgers make magic happen from the back of the first round. Why not us, right?