What 'pitching' could Yankees still be searching for after latest rumor?

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The New York Yankees are still searching for pitching, per SNY's Andy Martino, and that probably doesn't mean Clayton Andrews.

In a perfect example of a rumor nugget that feels safe to infer, but feels better to actually see typed plainly, Martino quote-tweeted his report of Lou Trivino's surprise agreement with the Yankees on Wednesday by noting that the tea leaves he's reading indicate the team isn't comfortable just yet.

Of course they're not. Over just the past week or so, they've taken a flyer on Andrews, paid for Trivino's rehab in hopes he'll be available for the second half, and swung a deal for Dodgers lefty Caleb Ferguson after letting Wandy Peralta walk to San Diego. Brian Cashman's guiding mission, for the past half-decade, has involved taking chances on any number of available pitchers (and, in case he's placed on waivers, Diego Castillo for a couple of days).

So ... is Martino referring to Cashman's eternal quest to assemble depth, or are the Yankees still aiming higher behind the scenes?

Yankees Rumors: Which pitchers are Yankees pursuing?

Blake Snell remains on the market, though it's appeared as if the Yankees have been done with him since the ink dried on Marcus Stroman's contract. The antipathy might be the other way around for Jordan Montgomery, though his coldness towards the Yankees might thaw with time -- specifically, the extremely long amount of time he's been left on the market.

The Texas Rangers reportedly ruled out a Montgomery pursuit publicly on Wednesday, and though the lefty might now be forced to consider a shorter-term deal, he's likely to only seek one with a team that is prepared to win now. The Red Sox don't expect Montgomery to consider them on a short-term pact; they'd still have to match his financial desires in order for him to choose them (and they don't seem keen on doing that).

But, as has become extremely obvious in recent weeks and months, nobody else is considering him at that price, either. Could Montgomery see fit to let bygones be bygones if the Yankees put forth a generous two-or-three-year offer?

What about the trade market? There's Edward Cabrera smoke in Pittsburgh, where a pre-written article leaked Wednesday night, featuring an underwhelming trade package (which the Yankees could beat). Will the Guardians entertain a deal for a post-Driveline Shane Bieber? Will the Yankees strike after watching him compete in spring training, thus proving he's physically capable of doing so?

It's felt, from an outsider's perspective, like the Yankees have been done making large moves since Stroman's addition. Kudos to Martino for fanning a few more flames just as camp begins to heat up.