WFAN's Trevor Bauer take will drive Yankees fans up a wall

You've got to be kidding me?
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The New York Yankees have enough problems of the PR variety. Why would they need another high-profile one? They already seemingly have team chemistry issues. Why would they want to further upend that? They already have enough overpaid players who don't deliver. Why get another?

That's why WFAN's Brandon Tierney's take that the Yankees (or Mets) should sign Trevor Bauer this offseason is absolutely baffling and bush league, even for hot take sports radio. To quickly get the Mets discussion out of the way, why would Steve Cohen once again pursue Bauer after he snubbed them in disrespectful fashion back when he announced his signing with the Dodgers before the 2021 season?

We don't even need to discuss the sexual assault case that got Bauer exiled from MLB to make our point for the Yankees, either. But that represents an immense distraction neither New York team would be able to handle. Remember the Dodgers were forced to field questions about Bauer's character concerns at the introductory press conference for his signing? What do you think it'll be like this time around?

Bauer's mere existence in New York City would be a new version of hell. Imagine him walking around with a Go Pro and filming his vlogs and somehow ending up on the back pages every week? We can see it now. "Trevor Bauer tries to be nice to hobo but gets garbage thrown at him! Why is New York so heinous?!"

The Yankees also weren't in on him the first time around when he was in his prime and seeking a short-term contract. In a crucial year where they need to massively upgrade and shake up their roster, why would signing Bauer three years later be part of the equation?

Trevor Bauer free agency: Yankees are not, and never will be, a fit

And you want to talk about finding a way to guarantee Gerrit Cole exercises his 2024 opt-out clause? Bringing Bauer to town for any length of time will probably get the job done.

These two were college teammates and have a well-documented unpleasant history. Someone please tell Brian Cashman, he probably doesn't know! The analytics team is probably just taking a look at Bauer's spin rates to see how effective he might be. There's no grasp of the human element in that front office.

Josh Donaldson, a clear-as-day personality clash, was a massive failure in New York. How would a guy who has reportedly been a clubhouse disruption everywhere he's gone and films videos of himself on the internet about his high-profile court case seamlessly fit into a Cole-Aaron Judge locker room? You already know the answer!

Terry Francona, one of the most legendary managers in the history of the sport, had enough of Bauer after the right-hander threw a ball over the center field fence in Kansas City after being removed from a poor start. Bauer derailed the then-Indians' World Series chances against the Cubs in 2016 when he decided to mess around with a drone and suffer a disgusting finger injury.

The Yankees are desperate. There's no doubt about it. If they end up being this desperate, though? Mail in the fandom.