Wait, are Yankees seriously considering promoting Jasson Dominguez to MLB?

Just because Dominguez is pounding on the door doesn't mean he has to join a toxic Yankees September.
Feb 24, 2023; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees outfielder Jasson Dominguez catches a ball during
Feb 24, 2023; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees outfielder Jasson Dominguez catches a ball during / Dave Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

In what can only be described as a classic "Look Over There!" move, Yankees tippy-top prospect Jasson Dominguez could make his MLB debut this September, according to Bryan Hoch.

Whether the word "could" is doing a lot of heavy lifting as Dominguez mashes Triple-A pitching, or whether this is a confirmed internal Yankees conversation is anyone's guess. Either way, rushing Dominguez for the sake of rushing him at the end of a lost big-league season so already-tuned-out fans can nibble on an interesting morsel would be a bizarre call to make.

Instead of trying to push Dominguez past the goal line early, it's worth reflecting on just how dominant he's been during his first week at the Triple-A level.

After it took The Martian until midsummer to conquer Double-A Somerset after an impressive spring training, he's taken to Scranton far quicker, leading to a not-totally-ridiculous-but-still-ridiculous MLB conversation. In reality, a successful feet-wetting stint that allows him to compete for a big-league job next spring is enough of a win without the added pressure of September games in the Bronx.

Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez destroying Triple-A, but...should probably wait 'til next year for MLB chance

You want the numbers? Of course you do. Since being recalled and rewarded for his hot July and scorching August, Dominguez is hitting .478 in his first seven Triple-A games (11-for-23) with two doubles, a triple, and 10 RBI. This stunning early result mirrors his Double-A playoff run in 2022, when he hit .450 with three homers in five games to lead Somerset to a championship.

He won't be around for their repeat bid this year, though, because he's on the Volpe Plan. Prove yourself at Triple-A and get comfortable at the tail end of one season so you can be eligible for swift promotion during the next one. You could even unexpectedly gain a roster spot at the end of spring training if you grab one and won't let go.

Sounds like a fundamentally sound way to handle Dominguez as he begins to realize his tremendous potential (and he's still just 20!). No reason to screw up a rare good thing by ushering him into a toxic Yankees clubhouse in September, as if that's some sort of a reward. No need to make him the focal point of a collapsing veteran roster. Just let him percolate in Scranton and clear a path for him in 2024, if all goes well.