Vladimir Guerrero Jr. pivots with unexpected response to Yankees trade chatter

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

Breaking news out of Boston, as Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is apparently stuck in purgatory, somewhere between the realm of the living and the world of the deceased.

Or, at least, it seems like that must be the case, considering the Jays' slugger once said he wouldn't consider joining the Yankees under any circumstances, alive or dead. Maybe being stuck in between is the lone caveat?

The Blue Jays have certainly been trapped in the middle lately, though their Monday night implosion in Beantown might represent the final straw that knocks them into the "seller" column. Rentals like Trevor Richards and Yusei Kikuchi should be as good as gone. Now comes the tough part: is Toronto afraid enough of their future to bail on players who once seemed like long-term cornerstones? Specifically, Bo Bichette and (gulp) Lil' Vladdy?

Conventional wisdom is that Guerrero isn't going anywhere; regardless of his status beyond 2025, waving the white flag on next season as well would be too hefty a pill to swallow for Toronto's front office, which had designs on luring Juan Soto or Shohei Ohtani just a few short months ago. If trading Guerrero is unlikely, trading him to the dreaded Yankees within the division is even more of a long shot; imagine the Jays having to watch their former star operate in pinstripes for a full year and a half, pending extension?

As recently as last season, Guerrero Jr. winding up in NYC and torturing the Jays from beyond the grave seemed impossible; the slugger spent arguably too much time trolling the Yankees, vowing never even to entertain their overtures. But ... all of a sudden ... with the Jays tripping into a sinkhole, Guerrero Jr. has changed his tune -- not just about free agency, but about a July swap.

Yankees Rumors: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. rethinking trade to the Bronx?

Guerrero started 2024 on a downward trajectory, but his recent recovery makes his ability to "help the [Yankees] or any team" all the more obvious. All of a sudden, the righty slugger's OPS+ is up to a palatable 129, and his OPS has crept to the borderline of .800 (.797). In case there were any remaining doubters entering Monday's play, his 471-foot home run over the Monster might still be flying -- and when it lands, someone should tell it the cursed Blue Jays bullpen blew the game. Again.

If you can snag any Jay, he's the one you want right now, and in the wake of Anthony Rizzo's injury and underperformance, Yankee fans would surely let any trolling bygones be bygones if he showed up on their doorstep.

Unfortunately, a newly accepting Vlad Jr. doesn't have any control over his placement right now, and the Jays surely gagged at this video more than any Yankee fan did. Not gonna happen.