Twitter destroys Astros for embarrassingly empty home plate seats in Game 7 blowout

Best fans in baseball, though. They deserve all this success.
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

If a detestable team falls in an empty stadium, can anyone hear it?

Yes. The answer is yes. Every single fan of baseball, near and far, heard the Astros elimination bells chiming on Monday night from the fourth inning on, even though the so-called Houston "fans" in the most expensive seats in the house didn't stick around to be trolled.

Early in Game 7, Minute Maid Park was packed, despite the downer of a Game 6 loss, which the Rangers came and took. Ted Cruz was in the building. The Mattress Macks of the region and their hoi polloi were out in full force. The luxury suites were packed with hundreds of people that can only be described as "Texas A&M Boosters."

And then, in a flash, they were gone.

Once the home crowd went down 10-2, en route to their fourth home loss of the seven-game series, it got so quiet behind the plate you could hear a trash can bang.

Astros fans get roasted for leaving Game 7 of the ALCS shockingly early

You know, this reminds me, we should've celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Astros' tank harder. This was, at least, a pretty solid late addition to the celebration.

Houston's roster went down sad, but the fan base went down far sadder. Isn't this supposed to be the Juice Box? Doesn't your extremely beloved team deserve a little support heading into a tough offseason, after all they've given you? Is this how Dusty Baker's final game should go?

You know what? Don't answer that. Swarms of y'all on Twitter have already made your disrespectful feelings on that man extremely clear. Dripping with entitlement, just 11 months after a title.

That one was especially juicy after the Astros social media person had the audacity to reference "tens of fans" in the caption for a home run highlight in Oakland. People don't forget. Rotten organization, top to bottom, even after Rob Manfred plucked Jeff Luhnow, Alex Cora and Brandon Taubman out of there.

Unfortunately for the Astros crowd, they weren't actually able to beat the traffic. It's tough to do that if you all leave at the same time.

In their recap of the hours-long roast, Sports Illustrated had the audacity to write: "It’s hard to blame the Astros fans too much for departing a blowout early ..."

And yet other publications blame Yankees and Dodgers fans all the time for doing exactly that! Plus ... it's actually easy to blame Astros fans for bouncing in the sixth inning? They've been a nearly unbeatable juggernaut for seven seasons? They almost put up a fight on Monday night, closing the gap repeatedly and putting runners on in the ninth down 11-4? Jose Altuve hit an historic postseason home run in the ninth, something you might want to theoretically tell your kids about someday?

Nope. Had to go. Rich people got bored of their new toy after said toy spent seven full years making the rest of baseball miserable. Onto the next, I guess. They should strip away the tickets of everyone who sat behind home plate and give them to real fans.

You know, like fans of every other MLB team who watched baseball before 2017.