Sean Casey nails Yankees press conference, reveals 'tension' in honest appearance

Sean Casey's good on TV, we'll give him that.
Detroit Tigers vs Tampa Bay Devil Rays - August 1, 2006
Detroit Tigers vs Tampa Bay Devil Rays - August 1, 2006 / Al Messerschmidt/GettyImages

Hey, did you like that photo of Sean Casey on the Tigers? Sometimes you've got to vary it up, you know? It's been Reds, Reds, Reds for the Yankees hitting coach so far, considering that's where his connection with manager Aaron Boone originated.

The further we can separate Casey from Boone the better, though, considering the two seem to be polar opposite orators.

We're all used to Boone's grunts, snorts, fights with Jomboy, and hidden agendas by now. He's not always an effective messenger, but nobody is more steadfast in protecting the information that the Yankees don't want to get out.

Casey? He appears to be as gregarious as we were told he'd be, while also being open-minded and honest to a level we're not used to from the Yankees' staff -- though, to be fair, Matt Blake may be the same way, but we've never heard him speak. He moves in silence like (Johnny) lasagna.

Casey's introductory Zoom call featured this honest, two-minute answer about blending old-school philosophies with new-school thinking, specifically citing how the two ideals might not be so different after all.

Yankees hitting coach Sean Casey senses "tension" in lineup

If there was information for the mustachioed Casey to absorb during his playing career, he absorbed it. Video, advanced scouting, you name it. That's analytics. Preparing to talk to Brian Kenny on MLB Network? That's analytics.

Casey isn't anti-analytics. He's anti-close-mindedness. He's anti-pigeonholing.

He admitted in this presser that he has to attack quickly and hit the ground running to have any chance of success, but still doesn't believe he'll immediately ignite a hot streak. All he'll have to do to create optimism, though, is find shreds of tangible progress.

According to Casey, he's already sat down with a number of key contributors, and has perceived early "tension" on offense.

Now, does that mean aggression aimed internally? Frustration with repeated failures? Unresolved tension between two players? Notice he didn't mention speaking with DJ LeMahieu, for instance.

Luckily for the tension-rich Yankees, Casey appears to be some sort of masseuse, at the very least. His foundation of knowledge is difficult to argue with. His alignment with the pinstripes? The mustache pictured above is in honor of Don Mattingly, his childhood idol. His willingness to learn, clearly, is also at the forefront of his portfolio.

It's too early to tell if Casey's hitting knowledge will translate or if this lineup requires more than motivation and scare tactics. There's nowhere to go but up or laterally, though, and there's no reason to believe Casey will surrender before the end of September.