Scorching hot Yankees outfield prospect might be leveling up at perfect time for NYY

With so little secured in the outfield, there's no reason to trade Everson Pereira.
New York Yankees Photo Day
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Remember when Everson Pereira briefly went rogue at Double-A Somerset and disappeared from the lineup for several weeks earlier this season, as the Yankees' famously tight-lipped minor league coaches continued to clarify nothing?

There's a reason everyone was so desperate for a kernel of information. Pereira is really good, and maybe really close to being a contributing member of the big-league Yankees.

Luckily for everyone involved, Pereira shrugged off whatever was ailing him on June 23, returning to action by slugging a home run against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. The 22-year-old was then promoted to Triple-A in time for July 4, and has ignited like a firecracker since moving up another level.

Pereira's only downside is that he's a right-handed hitter. If he's able to translate his skills to the MLB level -- and soon -- the Yankees will be fine with that, though. They can find their lineup balance elsewhere if Pereira is hitting 455-foot thunderclaps to spark an order that could desperately use an infusion of talent.

Yankees outfield prospect Everson Pereira is blitzing Triple-A in first weeks at level

Since being promoted, Pereira is hitting a ridiculous .345/.397/.603 with a 1.000 OPS, four bombs, and 17 RBI. This isn't some ridiculous small-sample-size, out-of-character blitz, either. While it's nice to see the quick adjustment, this is right in line with his .907 OPS and 10 bombs in 46 Double-A games this spring.

Pereira ranks fourth on MLB Pipeline's list of the Yankees' Top 30 prospects, and he and Jasson Dominguez have been appraised with matching 2024 ETAs. The only way this could go wrong is if the Yankees convince themselves they suddenly have enough upper-minors outfield depth to pass on a starting left fielder in free agency yet again. Otherwise, Pereira's development, matched with Dominguez's recent hot streak, seems like a winning combination for a farm system that's hit an offensive rut in recent years.

Remember the relief you felt when the full Joey Gallo trade details dropped two summers ago and Pereira, who'd been scratched, unscratched, and messed around with plenty leading up to that deadline, wasn't involved? Then remember how annoying it's been to check Ezequiel Durán's box scores daily this season (God, he even plays short?!)?

Pereira's emergence, as well as the arrival of Clayton Beeter in last summer's Gallo sendoff, won't completely undo the damage inflicted by the initial trade. It would appear, though, that both players are en route to contributing in the Bronx, with Pereira's early displays of his God-given talents at Triple-A serving as particularly encouraging signs.