San Francisco radio station calls Aaron Judge 'gutless', sobs over Juan Soto bat flip

The whining really went full circle this weekend.
New York Yankees v San Francisco Giants
New York Yankees v San Francisco Giants / Brandon Vallance/GettyImages

Never thought we'd say this, but (extended sigh) we really wish we were writing another Sal Licata article instead of getting acquainted with the sports radio wonks of the Bay Area after the Yankees' weekend sweep in San Francisco.

In the wake of New York's impressive three-game performance, now's the perfect time for a sociological experiment. What were San Francisco's radio jockeys' brains like before Aaron Judge and the Yankees put a hurting on the Giants? What about as the series concluded? Any discernible difference? Bluster before, cowering after? Bravado on Friday, pants-peeing unwritten rule policing on Sunday as the sun set?

Oh, you bet. Very predictable, but still, if the internet's good for one thing, it's cataloguing a breakdown of faculties in real time.

Prior to the opener, 95.7 The Game's "Steiny" (enough with the nicknames) was really feeling himself, ranting about how "gutless" Aaron Judge ducked Barry Bonds' shadow because he couldn't handle the pressure. Fine take, if you like ignoring the existence of Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter, and all the captains and legends who came before him in the Bronx.

Hey, quick show of hands, which do you think is a more pressure-packed proposition? Trying to deliver San Francisco their fourth World Series of the past 15 years, or attempting to avoid becoming the extremely rare ring-less Yankee captain, a fact that undoubtedly gnaws at Judge every single minute of every day?

While you're answering, why don't you watch the gutless Judge's three weekend homers, tying him with Thairo Estrada for the most home runs at San Francisco's home stadium this season (Estrada is on the Giants, Judge is famously not)?

Yankees stars Aaron Judge, Juan Soto win battle with Crying San Francisco Radio Station

Like the old Ralph Wiggum meme, you can pinpoint exactly where the Giants radio folks' collective heart broke: Judge's three-run smash early in Friday's opener, which had them reevaluating exactly how they wanted to treat this series.

No longer was this three-game set a referendum on why Judge was crazy not to come home, nor was it a chance for the Giants to show the Yankees' slugger exactly what they were missing. Instead, on a dime, the San Francisco media flipped a switch. Now, it was time to shame the Yankees for their power, their aggressiveness, and their lack of decorum!

Juan Soto, in fact, couldn't let the Giants have even one measly game! Quite frankly, his game-winning homer on Sunday shouldn't even have counted. If you do a bat flip this large, I'm sorry, but that's a demerit. Minus 1,000 nice guy points.

How can the same station that called Judge "gutless" for opting into the media pressure cooker of New York City be this ... gutless? If anything, this weekend's worth of takes proved that Judge made the right call if he likes negativity and external motivation.

These Bay Area guys couldn't cook up a proper hot take and wrap it in a mission burrito in a million years.

"Ugh ... the f**k's in this burrito?" I'd say upon eating it. "Wayyyy too salty."