Red Sox Pride Month disaster deserves more negative press ahead of Yankees series

2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend
2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

When the New York Yankees do something bad or dumb, it's magnified in the media. As it should be. Don't be bad or dumb! It's not good for anybody. But let's not forget to hold the baddest and the dumbest the most accountable. Come on down, Boston Red Sox!

As if this organization tearing down a 2018 World Series winner without hesitation wasn't already enough, this team was gifted a 2021 ALCS appearance from the baseball gods and failed to build off of that, all because the Fenway Sports Group hired Chaim Bloom to pretty much do what private investment firms do to media companies these days: try to squeeze the absolute most out of the very little you've left yourself after the dust settles from all your poor decisions.

After the 2022 season, Red Sox fans were about to riot. They wanted the ownership group to sell and Bloom to be gone. They went to FanFest in Springfield, Mass. to boo the executives. But then, all of a sudden, hope was renewed because ... fans showed up to spring training and the first couple series of the regular season? Cool. After a 21-14 start, the Sox are now under .500.

So, in that case, the least they could do was not commit fatal errors from the other spectrum of a PR standpoint. Somehow, though, they botched Pride Month in an unforgivable, neglectful manner.

Last week, the Sox called up minor-leaguer Matt Dermody to make a spot start against the Guardians. It took about 0.5 seconds for the world to uncover a ghastly homophobic tweet from the 32-year-old just two years ago. Now, the Sox are doing damage control because ... they still haven't released him! He actually pitched on June 14!

Red Sox botching Pride Month deserves more scorn ahead of Yankees series

OK, fine, Let's say you believe in second chances. That wouldn't make you a bad person. That -- we'd like to think -- would make you hopeful that people can learn from their mistakes and actions that previously hurt others.

Problem is, Dermody never apologized for this:

"#PrideMonth. Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. They will go to hell. That is not my opinion, but the #Truth. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9. May we all examine our hearts, ask Jesus to forgive us, and repent for our sins. I love you all in Christ Jesus!"

Matt Dermody's deleted tweet

Nor did he express any sort of regret or acknowledge how he might have hurt anybody who saw it. He just deleted it because of the likely backlash that was starting to pour in. And what's even worse is that the Red Sox, since getting eviscerated for seemingly standing by a journeyman reliever who has a 5.74 ERA in 31 career games dating back to 2016, have managed to find more "additional offensive posts" on Dermody's social media accounts and still haven't acted with conviction. Why is he still here?!

When asked about this again after Pride Night at Fenway Park, Bloom just managed to provide us with four different word salads of nothingness -- somehow even more sad than when the Padres broke his brain after they signed Xander Bogaerts.

The Red Sox are this desperate for Triple-A pitching depth? Seriously, we're failing to understand how Bloom and Co. "really regret" calling up Dermody but are keeping him around for the time being as they parse through more problematic messaging.

It does make sense, though, given how dreadful the Red Sox have been with player personnel decisions since 2019.