Red Sox fans were ready for another fake mutiny if Yankees signed Yoshinobu Yamamoto

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How many different times are Boston Red Sox fans going to revolt against the team's ownership/front office only to be sucked right back in after nothing's changed? Remember last offseason when they lost Xander Bogaerts to the San Diego Padres, revolted by going to Winter Weekend to boo Chaim Bloom and John Henry (or whoever was there speaking), only to eventually pretend everything was fine after they extended Rafael Devers?

Then what happened? Oh yeah, they finished dead last in the AL East. They tried it before when the team traded Mookie Betts (after the fans supported the ousting of Dave Dombrowski). Boston made a flukey ALCS run in 2021 to make everyone forget about that horrible deal for a few months, then they cratered again in 2022.

Say what you want about New York Yankees fans, but they're hell bent on influencing the organization's decision making and will not rest until they see the necessary changes made. They'd never pretend to support the front office tearing down a winning roster and spending like a mid-market franchise.

Look no further than this past year. The Yankees finished 82-80 and the front office had no choice but to trade for Juan Soto (and they added Alex Verdugo in there for fun). They even became one of the top suitors for Yoshinobu Yamamoto (before striking out late Thursday night), and that's where Red Sox Nation has begun to insert itself.

Forget about the 25 previously failed moves that put Boston in this position, the final straw would've been Yamamoto going to the Yankees! That's right, a piece that hardly helps the Red Sox contend in the immediate future. How did we let the Dodgers outbid us? Even though he clearly just wanted to play with Shohei Ohtani? What happened to FULL-THROTTLE?!

Red Sox fans ready for another fake mutiny if Yankees signed Yoshinobu Yamamoto

This fanbase was fine with passing on Shohei Ohtani, with many wondering how he would help solve their many problems for all that money after undergoing elbow surgery, but now $300-$400 million for Yamamoto is the panacea? And he absolutely can't go to the Yankees or else you're "done" with John Henry, who you've been "done" with for five years now?

Five years, of course, is coincidentally the exact amount of time since the Red Sox won 108 games and the World Series. So that's the standard now? Anything other than that, and you're spitting furiously? Gotcha.

Get ready for it. Whatever outcome Sox fans don't like will result in fake public outrage for a few weeks followed by complete satisfaction after Justin Turner is re-signed and Jordan Montgomery is overpaid. Hopes will be renewed for Opening Day. A "special" season will be in the works. Then by mid-July the cycle repeats itself. "Didn't matter anyway, we weren't supposed to contend!" And they'll live and die by every Yankees loss or win, then start talking about 2025 after the trade deadline.

Yankees fans -- at least ones who weren't fully exposed to the dynasty -- couldn't care less about the trials and tribulations of a Red Sox fan. They won four World Series in 20 years, essentially destroyed the Yankees' reign in 2004, and have managed to replicate success out of thin air despite a revolving door of players and executives.

Nobody wants to hear the misplaced complaining and the empty threats, but unfortunately for Yankees fans there will be plenty more of that even if things go New York's way this offseason. Just gotta tune out the noise, we guess.