Re-grading Yankees' 2022 trade deadline: What went so very wrong?

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
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BONUS: Grading Yankees' Gleyber Torres/Pablo Lopez Non-Trade

My brain ... is on fire ...

It's almost impossible to imagine these current Yankees sustaining their pace without Gleyber Torres, who's contributed quite a bit thus far, matching Rickey Henderson's exploits. The 2023 rotation looks a lot better with Pablo López ... but the 2022 rotation doesn't improve tremendously with his addition (4.61 ERA in Aug. 2022, 5.33 in Sept. 2022) ...

... But that's irrelevant, because he wouldn't have faced the same teams ... but maybe he never perfects the sweeper and ticks up his velocity this offseason if he comes to the Yankees ... but he probably does, considering he arrived in Minnesota fully evolved ... you know what? Ugh. We would've given this a C+ last year, and would have to bump it up to a B this season, knowing what we know about the Yankees' rotation.

Would they have extended López like the Twins did, though? Would they have let Carlos Rodón go elsewhere, in order to do so? It's tough, but give us a healthy Rodón (someday ...) and Torres over Lopez. Brutal call to have to make in the Metaverse, though.