Re-grading Yankees' 2022 trade deadline: What went so very wrong?

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Grading Yankees' Joey Gallo Trade to Dodgers

Then: A+
Now: A+++

Joey Gallo had a viscerally unpleasant Yankees tenure made all the more gruesome by the fact that he was so easy to root for. Childhood Yankee fandom. Titanic power. Underrated defense. All-Star pedigree.

None of it ever showed up.

Dealing two months of Gallo for a warm body of any kind, after his .160 average with 88 strikeouts in 58 games (93 OPS+) somehow got worse in Year 2 (.159 average, 77 OPS+, 106 strikeouts, 82 games), would've been a victory. Now that we know he also fizzled out in Dodger Blue, and resulted in the Yankees adding a top-15 prospect in Clayton Beeter to their system, this goes from a "sure, why not" to an "absolutely, yes, thank you, can we do this again?".

Beeter might be a reliever long-term, but so far, so very good; he's struck out 14 men in 11 innings at Double-A Somerset. His ERA is 0.82.

Gallo has been great so far in the Twin Cities. That is fantastic. His inability to click in the Bronx might have involved the most painful performance anxiety we've seen in this era of modern Yankees baseball. But any way you slice it, this trade is a tremendous Cashman victory (and a bizarre Andrew Friedman oversight), just like it was last year.