Re-grading Yankees' 2022 trade deadline: What went so very wrong?

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
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Grading Yankees' Andrew Benintendi Trade

Then: A-
Now: B

In perhaps the biggest Rage "What the Fffffff" of the 2022 season ... man, it is so incredibly frustrating how Benintendi's season ended.

Right when he was heating up. A month before he'd have a chance to cement himself as the Yankees' contact-forward missing piece in the postseason. Thanks to a fractured bone that he thought he'd had removed a decade prior. Just wonderful.

A five-year, $90 million for Benintendi, after his Yankees tenure, feels like an unreasonable ask. But it would've been so much fun to watch him, at his peak, become the latest Boston/New York crossover to bring a title to the Bronx. The trade package the Yankees surrendered here was surprisingly light; headliner Beck Way has begun 2023 with a 17.18 ERA.

All things considered, the only pain here was already suffered last September, but it continues to burn that the Yankees were robbed of seeing whether their plan was sound by a freak accident.