Ranking every New York Yankees closer since Mariano Rivera

You'll never guess who ranks fifth -- sorry, legally obligated to type that.
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4. Aroldis Chapman

It would've been downright disrespectful to rank Aroldis Chapman, the Yankees' primary closer for most of 2016 and 2017-2019/2021, below Britton, who did it for ~15 games. That said ... we considered it!

This is the lowest you can place Chapman without being unreasonable or personally biased, and furthermore -- OK, no, there's clearly still a level of personal bias here. But there always will be with Chapman. He was ill-gotten goods. The Yankees read about a domestic violence suspension looming and saw only dollar signs, and they decided to pounce as his price dropped. Then, they flipped him to Chicago after an excellent half-season, only to pounce again when the campaign wrapped, and he was forever slightly deadened by overuse in the postseason.

But don't worry! When they had a chance to wriggle out of Chapman's expensive deal after the 2019 season -- which ended with him on the mound, smirking -- they somehow turned it into another extension.

Don't let Chapman's regression and indelible postseason failures blind you from acknowledging that he was legitimately great, more often than not, from 2016-2019. Additionally, though, don't let Chapman's string of success allow you to forget how he got here. The Jekyll and Hyde act we often watched on the mound -- you knew whether he had it from the first pitch -- was probably what we deserved.