Ranking every New York Yankees closer since Mariano Rivera

You'll never guess who ranks fifth -- sorry, legally obligated to type that.
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5. Zack Britton

Britton was a powerhouse closer in Baltimore, racking up 47 saves in 2016, as well as one very important sit in the bullpen (shoutout to Buck Showalter).

The O's left-hander with the unhittable sinker came to the Yankees in a 2018 deadline deal meant to close the gap between New York and Boston. While it didn't work (what were those, uh, Red Sox doing in the video room), Britton was surprisingly extended in New York, ending up in pinstripes through 2022, a sad season that represents his most recent professional appearance.

That afforded him the opportunity to step up into the closer's role in 2020 when primary stopper Aroldis Chapman started the season late after a battle with COVID-19. He performed quite well, racking up eight saves that season to Chappy's eventual three, posting a 1.89 ERA/2.61 FIP in 19 innings. He powered through the Rays in a back-and-forth ALDS, too, allowing one hit and walking two in four shutout innings across three appearances. He set up the deciding Game 5 nicely, too, leaving room for Chapman to enter and end the season himself. Cool.