Orioles, umpire combining to force Yankees' Nestor Cortes to darken glove is sad

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees / New York Yankees/GettyImages

The New York Yankees jumped on the Orioles early Sunday in the form of a Giancarlo Stanton RBI single. Based on how in-command Nestor Cortes was in the first inning, that one run could be enough for the reigning All-Star.

Looking for any edge they can get against Cortes, the Orioles complained two fold in the bottom half of the first. Initially, Anthony Santander took issue with Cortes throwing a strike before he was set in the box.

Cortes is renowned for working at his own pace -- usually a quick one -- and playing mind games with hitters during games. He oftentimes slows down his windup to throw off a hitter's balance, but it was the color scheme of his glove that drew the most ire from the Orioles and home plate umpire Bill Miller.

In between innings, Miller had a lengthy talk with Cortes about his glove. When the YES broadcast resumed from commercial, it showed the "44" outline of Cortes' glove -- formerly white -- now blacked out so as to not distract the hitters.

Cortes pitched with the same glove Monday against the Phillies.

Yankees' Nestor Cortes forced to alter glove vs Orioles

We're joking, right? It'd be one thing if Cortes was ordered to darken his glove against Philadelphia. The fact he made it through five innings with nary a complaint from the Phillies or the umpiring crew and couldn't last one inning Sunday with the same glove is ridiculous and proves MLB has a double standard problem.

Cortes only allowed one run against the Phillies, but Trea Turner and company saw the ball just fine as they mustered seven hits against the southpaw. It didn't appear the Phils' had any trouble picking up the ball.

It's unclear if Miller's check was unsolicited or the Orioles requested a check. After Santander's whiny objection to Cortes' "quick pitch," though, we suppose anything is possible.

Fittingly, Cortes retired the O's in order in the second inning.

It's almost like the white "44" outline had nothing to do with Baltimore's scoreless first inning. Who would've thought?

Expect Cortes to pitch with an extra chip on his shoulder after this wholly unnecessary equipment alteration.