New Yankee Stadium food options for 2023 include hard-to-get Aaron Judge burger

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Yankees
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Yankees / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Turns out the Yankees weren't just getting the entire career of a generational superstar when they signed Aaron Judge to a nine-year deal this offseason and removed him from the free agent market.

They were also getting a gooey burger.

The Bombers opened up Yankee Stadium on Wednesday morning to show off their wide array of new food options for 2023 to the gathered media, and while plenty of New York (and Philly, for some reason) local eateries had their experiments represented, it was clear the team was trying to drum up interest for their exclusive 99 Burger, a Judge-inspired, double-patty rarity.

Only 99 will be sold per game, and the burger includes wagyu beef, American cheese, caramelized onions, and secret sauce, per The Athletic's Chris Kirschner (and this is why we read The Athletic). The rumored price point? $20, otherwise known as .00000006 of Judge's new deal.

Not into burgers named after players? Already tried Citi Field's Pete Alonso Polar Burger? Never fear; the Yankees are also introducing several other non-athlete items, ranging from Veggie Bronx Burritos to the Fuku Spicy Chicken Sando, another Citi Field crossover.

Yankees Food Options 2023: Try the 99 Burger, if you can beat the crowd.

According to Newsday's Laura Albanese, the veggie burrito ranked very highly, as well as the City Winery and Lobel's burgers and the Streetbird Chicken & Waffles offering.

Weirdly, I didn't try the Streetbird offerings at any of my many home games last year, usually opting for the tantalizingly new Halal Guys cart out front. It was just ... OK! Probably time to switch it up instead of continuing to go back to a cart I wished had hummus.

Hopefully, the 99 Burger is a success if only to convince the Yankees to release even more player-related food options.

Imagine a food court consisting entirely of TrevDog Corndogs, Rizzo's Risotto, Anthony Volpe's Veal Plate, Peraza's Plátanos, LeMahieu's LeMenu, and -- of course -- Bader Tots. Feel free to drop us a press pass next year so we can iron these out, Yankees.