New spring training photo of Yankees' Jasson Dominguez quiets weight gain concerns

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Yankees
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Yankees / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Sometimes, a bad photo is just a bad photo. Luckily, after Yankees rookie Jasson Dominguez found himself in the internet's spotlight for all the wrong reasons a few weeks ago, he was able to quell worries simply by existing.

Dominguez, rehabbing from Tommy John surgery that would knock a normal man out through July and might only knock a Martian out through May, reported to camp early to get some work in and some data collected. As part of the process, he wore some sort of data collection vest packed with buzzers and sensors, which made him look ... from the wrong angle ... a little thicker than anticipated.

Fans screamed/cried/threw up because, if this fan base knows one thing well, it's an overreaction. Sometimes, their furor is pointed in the right direction, like Brian Cashman's destructive trade deadlines. Other times, it's completely misguided, like a freakout about Dominguez's body following the worst four months of his career and long before he'll be needed on the field.

"Luckily," Dominguez was spotted again at spring training on Tuesday talking to Aaron Judge, and he looked much more like himself.

Yankees rookie Jasson Dominguez looks trim and ready talking to Aaron Judge

It's not like Dominguez is slender in general. He's built like a Mack Truck wearing a bulletproof vest. But the version of the Martian talking to Judge looks a little more like the pre-procedure version of the slugger -- which makes sense, considering his timeline for return has certainly accelerated in recent weeks.

Dominguez plans to be swinging a bat by the end of camp, and has already been shagging fly balls. He'll upgrade to playing catch shortly. Everything seems to be going according to a fairly optimistic plan.

When Dominguez returns, he'll likely be slotted into center field to give Aaron Judge a rest from roaming the outfield's largest grounds. It also won't hurt to let him build up arm strength somewhere other than a corner, letting Judge and his powerful right arm continue to chop runners down from in front of the Chambers.

Have a steak on us tonight, Jasson. You've earned it.