MLB way too early Power Rankings: Did Yankees win the offseason?

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Thanks to recent MLB spending practices, this group consists of ... most teams!

19. Chicago Cubs
18. San Francisco Giants
17. Boston Red Sox
16. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
15. Arizona Diamondbacks
14. Baltimore Orioles
13. Tampa Bay Rays

Understand we're probably the High Man on the 2023 Boston Red Sox, and the rotation is still brutal, even if Brayan Bello stays healthy, but they reinforced the bullpen, their biggest 2022 weakness, and replaced JD Martinez with gritty, gutty leadership in the form of Justin Turner. They were a fringe playoff team last year, and probably will be again ... though there's also a chance Turner, Kenley Jansen and Chris Martin all age at the same time and turn this roster into a complete mess. Xander Bogaerts is gone. Trevor Story is also pretty much gone. Considering they could rank anywhere from 9 to 24, we hedged our bets at 17.

Consider us big believers in the Arizona Diamondbacks, too. Even without Daulton Varsho, Corbin Carroll is the Rookie of the Year favorite, and is potentially still being slept on. They got unlucky last season and underperformed their pythagorean record by three games, yet still went 29-32 in Aug./Sept./Oct. They're not a playoff team, but they'll be young, plucky, exciting, and above .500.

The Angels rank here EVERY YEAR, and by golly, this'll be the year they actually finish somewhere close to the middle of the pack! We can feel it!