MLB's spring training broadcast failure deprives Yankees fans of Trent Grisham bomb

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages

Is it the end of the world that all spring training games aren't televised? Obviously not. Is it, however, ridiculous that the year is 2024 and we still don't have all spring training games televised or on some sort of streaming platform? Many would say yes.

On Saturday, the New York Yankees kicked off their spring training with a matchup against the Detroit Tigers. The first exhibition game of the year was only broadcast via radio. If society has figured out a way to get Power Slap in front of our faces, then why can't we have all the preseason baseball?

The Yankees' lineup wasn't anything to gush over on Saturday. It featured one starter in Anthony Volpe and about five guys you'll barely see at all in 2024.

But Trent Grisham and Oswaldo Cabrera were in there, and both are projected to be rather key bench pieces. Grisham was acquired in the Juan Soto trade and fans have been excited about his defensive capability and power potential.

The latter was on display early as Grisham hit an absolute rocket off Jacob Higginbotham to give the Yankees a 3-0 lead. The ball came off the bat at 111 MPH and traveled 421 feet. But we will never see it -- only this side angle of the contact being made.

MLB's spring training broadcast failure deprives Yankees fans of Trent Grisham bomb

Just would like to see it, that's all. Haven't had baseball in a really long time, and to not get any of the highlights from the team's first official spring game feels wrong. Call us spoiled, but it doesn't seem like an outlandish request.

MLB Network will broadcast around 50 spring training games across the entire slate and the YES Network/YES APP will contribute 18 Yankees contests. New York will play 32 games in all, including split-squad action, so it's not like this is an unthinkable failure. It's just odd the opener can't be viewed and that we haven't yet figured out a way to satiate every fanbase with a few extra broadcasts.

While we were writing this, we also missed a Luis Torrens RBI single an an Oscar Gonzalez RBI double. Then Torrens homered. And then Jorbit Vivas homered. Pain. How will we ever recover?