Michael Kay's latest Yankees' rant now has fans beyond confused

So ... do we even know what the problem with the Yankees is anymore?

Oct 13, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; MLB vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre (right) talks with
Oct 13, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; MLB vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre (right) talks with / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Most New York Yankees fans love Michael Kay. He's been the voice of the team for quite some time and hasn't been afraid to offer his blunt assessment when the going gets tough ... which it's been for a good while now in the Bronx.

Just last week, Kay rebuked a caller who asserted manager Aaron Boone was the chief problem with the 2023 Yankees. Is Boone a great manager? Most fans would say no. But he's also not the prime suspect holding back New York from its full potential.

Kay defended Boone and put the blame on the roster construction, which would implicate Brian Cashman as the chief offender. Fans would tend to agree with that, too. There aren't enough lefties to balance the lineup. There's no left fielder. There's no depth. The supporting talent around Aaron Judge isn't ... supporting Aaron Judge.

That's why everyone was confused when Kay then went on a tirade during Wednesday's edition of "The Michael Kay Show" when he seemed to defend the front office's decisions. Hey now! Which is it?!

Kay pointed to DJ LeMahieu's injury derailing last season, which kept him out of the postseason. He then mentioned the absences of Andrew Benintendi and Matt Carpenter. He then pointed to Rizzo's unexpected concussion this season. When he was called out for making "excuses," he lost it.

Michael Kay's latest Yankees' rant now has fans beyond confused

Should an injury to LeMahieu force the team to collapse? Should Benintendi and Carpenter, both of whom weren't in the team's plans whatsoever to begin the 2022 season, have been deciding factors in their postseason success? Should a struggling Rizzo force this offense to fall apart at the seams?

Kay has a point. Injuries have killed the Yankees, especially if you go as far back as 2018. But maybe these specific references shouldn't be considered the smoking gun for their other poor roster decisions? Maybe the Yankees shouldn't have assumed an aging LeMahieu coming off two major injuries would be a core part of their 2023 plan? Maybe acquiring Josh Donaldson, who has been oft-injured in recent seasons prior to the trade with the Twins, shouldn't have been added into the mix to give the Yankees another unknown variable?

Looking around the league, teams like the Dodgers, Astros and Rays have managed to overcome detrimental injury issues while remaining in the contender conversation as the Yankees have sunk below .500. They've all managed to mix in high-profile signings (yes, even the Rays!), youth and low-leverage depth moves to create some formula of success.

The Yankees' plan was a mishmash of panic, adhering to their own arbitrary budgetary restrictions, and an unwillingness to take a single risk in free agency or on the trade market. They've also stifled the growth of plenty of prospects/younger talent over the years, let's not forget about that.

Sounding like a fan? Maybe. But it sure all seems valid even if it's coming from the average viewer.