Mets fans predictably got Michael Kay's angry take on Yankees booth all wrong

How is it possible to swing and miss this hard?
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
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After New York Yankees announcer Michael Kay ranted for four-plus minutes on his show Wednesday over an SNY ad claiming Gary, Keith and Ron comprised the "best booth in baseball" on the Mets broadcast, a wide swath of Mets Twitter attacked Kay for his insecurity.

Predictably, they missed one key detail entirely.

Kay wasn't upset that SNY believes SNY has the best broadcasters in the game, nor was he upset that Mets fans agree with the network's own assertion. He was upset that SNY chose to blast an advertisement touting their booth over the Yankees' booth ... on Kay's own show.

Called "The Michael Kay Show," the show is hosted by Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay, who is a Yankees broadcaster. Ergo, the "Yankees' booth" is him. If Kay had wandered the streets and heard a barely-boastful SNY advertisement wafting out of a window, he wouldn't have devoted one singular second to it. Instead, he heard the ad running during his own commercial break. Kind of a big difference, and kind of a good reason to be perturbed.

Yankees announcer Michael Kay wishes Mets sponsor hadn't played poorly timed ad on his radio show

Imagine if, on your Twitter sidebar, you read an ad saying someone else was the platform's dumbest troll? You'd be furious! "Hey ... I'm the dumbest troll!" you'd say!

This widespread Mets fan misunderstanding comes on the heels of several other absurdist bits of mental gymnastics, highlighted by endless disingenuous interpretations of Juan Soto quotes. Tuesday night, for instance, a Mets Twitter influencer claimed that a clip of a downtrodden Soto, post-loss, calling the Subway Series "really cool" with a "sold-out crowd" meant that he was desperate to jump ship to the other side. Considering that's the level of twisting desperation we're working with here -- even as the Mets are red hot, and doing plenty to excite their fan base without all this gibberish -- it's no surprise that a bunch of blue-and-orange goop puddles spent hours trying to get inside Michael Kay's brain.

And then I wrote about it. So joke's on me, I guess. But I can guarantee Kay had a chat with his advertising team after this gaffe, and it had very little to do with his ego. It's just silly business to sell airtime to a chirp. The 7 Line would never sell a ticket to a Yankee fan with a bullhorn and a fart machine.