Mariners reliever 'rocking the baby' against Josh Naylor proves MLB on Yankees' side

Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Wait ... what? This ... this can't be. It ... it's not what it looks like, right?

Because what happened between the Mariners and Cleveland's Josh Naylor over the weekend certainly looked like another MLB team and fellow playoff contender taking the Yankees' side in an argument carried over from last season, but surely that's not actually what happened. Nobody ever agrees with the Yankees!

Typically, other teams and fan bases just call them whiny children and tell them to comfort themselves with their 27 rings. Then, minutes later, they call the Yankees "stuck in the past," even though they ... just told them 27 rings was enough and who needs more? Confusing life we lead.

This time around, though, it seems like the Ms support Gerrit Cole over Naylor in an extension of last October's beef. Remember when the Guardians slugger took Cole deep in Game 4 of the ALCS to halve the Yankees' lead, then rounded the bases rocking an imaginary baby and screaming, "That's my little f***ing son!" It's not that you can't do that so much as it's embarrassing to do that, especially when you're not winning a baseball game.

Ultimately, Cleveland lost that game and the next one, with Gleyber Torres rocking Naylor to sleep once and for all after the series' final out.

Yankees, Mariners shake hands on Josh Naylor troll

You rarely see trash talk blow up in someone's face that spectacularly in that short a time frame. Extremely impressive work.

Somehow, Cleveland couldn't let sleeping babies lie this offseason, with Naylor and Triston McKenzie getting back into their beef with the Yankees at Cleveland's FanFest.

That might've led directly to Mariners reliever Paul Sewald's actions over the weekend; the Ms reliever retired Naylor to seal a win and escape a jam in the ninth, then rocked him to sleep after the final out was recorded.

Yes, Sewald sheepishly turned away from Naylor to perform the motion. Yes, it still counts.

Let the record state: someone celebrated too hard against the Yankees/at the wrong time. The Yankees threw it back in that player's face. Instead of calling the Yankees crybabies and telling them to get with the times/let the kids play, the Mariners agreed Naylor was in the wrong and looked foolish, and decided to remind him of his folly six months later.

We're breaking new ground here, folks. World peace might truly be around the corner. Any day now.