Marcus Stroman lashes out at Yankees infielders after grounder, goes on dugout tirade

Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees
Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees / New York Yankees/GettyImages

After losing blowout after blowout for the better part of two full weeks, the New York Yankees carried a tie game into the fifth inning at the Rogers Centre on Friday night.

Ignore the fact that the game was tied 1-1 and the Yankees had secured one singular hit, scoring their run on a bit of Aaron Judge ingenuity on a likely double play ball. Not important for now. A tie game is a tie game, and this actually qualified as a positive based on recent action.

Of course, the game unraveled in the fifth, as it so often does, if not sooner. Marcus Stroman loaded the bases with nobody out on a pair of singles and a two-strike hit-by-pitch, something that's been an absolute epidemic for these bleak Yankees lately. With a full count, Stroman induced Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to top a middle-middle breaking ball up the middle.

Anthony Volpe played the high hop and fed to Gleyber Torres, who fired to first ... too late. Guerrero Jr., known for being not so speedy, beat it out fair and square. Stroman, in response to this reality, lost his cool on the mound, screaming, "Throw the f***ing ball!" But ... at who?

Yankees starter Marcus Stroman throws tantrum after double play grounder not turned on Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Stroman's tirade continued into the dugout, where he was spotted pacing the ground after being pulled from the game. Who was he upset with? Volpe for playing the hop? Gleyber Torres because everyone's mad at him? The replay was inconclusive; there wasn't much that either party could've done here. This might've been one of those rare "good" Torres plays that Aaron Boone was referencing the other day.

Regardless, Stroman received a talking to from Aaron Judge between the bottom of the fifth and top of the sixth, who did his captainly duties well. But one day after Carlos Rodón publicly accosted Ben Rice for bungling a slow grounder, it seems that something is boiling over in the Yankees' clubhouse. This time around, there wasn't even a discernible mistake involved to set things off.

Ironically, a few minutes later, Torres delivered a two-run home run moments after Yankees slugger Juan Soto flipped the score with a three-run homer. The first to greet him at the top step of the dugout? Stroman. All in all, an eventful 25 minutes.