Marcus Stroman's IG post, comments on Yankees' Brian Cashman are a beautiful thing

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Positive content. We love it. We need more of it. But some days it's hard to come by. Not today, though! No surprise Scott Effross injury will send New York Yankees fans into a spiral. It's all about the good vibes with pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.

Though we would have preferred the proceedings to kick off with excitement rather than with more dark clouds, Marcus Stroman (!!) turned all of that around rather quickly with his actions and commentary on Thursday in Tampa.

First came his response to a question about general manager Brian Cashman. Stroman was asked about how their relationship smoothed over after the beef that was boiling beneath the surface since 2019. We obviously knew that was put to rest after the two sides agreed to a contract, but it was nice hearing Stroman speak publicly on the matter.

He called Cashman "the man," which, hey, some of us might disagree with, but the compliment is appreciated! No bad blood. Mutual respect. Ready for the challenge that is adapting to a new setting and conquering a goal that's been out of reach for 15 years.

Looks like these two just had to get in a room together to know they were more alike than either one would've expected.

Marcus Stroman's IG post, comments on Yankees' Brian Cashman are a beautiful thing

Ok! Maybe Cashman's connection with the human element of the game isn't as bad as many believed it to be. This, at least, is a momentous development considering Stroman is a big personality and already showing respect for his new boss after there was perceived hatred behind the scenes.

Then came Stroman's Instagram story he posted a few hours later. This simply has to encourage Yankees fans for what's to come from the right-hander in 2024. The post read:

"Locked in for season. Ring chasing with the squad. No time for nonsense. To all my family, friends and acquaintances ... I'm sorry if I don't reply to messages or respond to missed calls. I'm busy. Love you though. Talk to you all around Thanksgiving. Time to get to work! (Padlock emoji)."

Stroman is ready to go to war for his new team, and this is the exact type of attitude and commitment fans have been waiting for the star players on this team to express. More often than not, the modern version of the Yankees has felt buttoned-up, robotic, monotone and emotionless.

Stroman's spark might not turn everything around at the onset, but it's certainly a missing puzzle piece needed to rediscover that championship DNA. Consider the fanbase locked in, too, Stro.