Legitimately deranged Yankees lineup vs Reds has fans questioning Aaron Boone

New York Yankees v New York Mets
New York Yankees v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Sometimes it just really feels like the New York Yankees don't want to get out of their own way. Sometimes it actually feels like they enjoy concocting self-inflicted problems for no other reason than to torture the fans who live and die by every team announcement.

The day before this great nation's birthday, the Yankees and manager Aaron Boone managed to give us upstanding citizens a reason to complain when we really didn't want one. We just wanted to waltz into the long four-day weekend, ready to enjoy ourselves and watch some baseball.

But after another disappointing loss on Tuesday night, Boone seemingly made no effort to try and turn the struggle bus around. Yes, the Yankees split the series in Toronto and there were many positives. That was followed up with a very avoidable loss, which is now being followed up with ... whatever this lineup is?

JD Davis is batting cleanup. Jahmai Jones is the designated hitter. Ben Rice is benched? Same goes for Austin Wells as Jose Trevino continues to tumble into the abyss. We're really playing the righty-lefty thing this strictly?

Alex Verdugo is batting sixth. While he should be punished in some capacity for his horrific slump, he shouldn't be on a night like this when he's a better hitter than 75% of the guys here.

Legitimately deranged Yankees lineup on Wednesday has fans questioning Aaron Boone

It's just wild. The Yankees finally get lineup flexibility at the DH spot with Giancarlo Stanton's injury, and it's yet to be utilized properly outside of getting Aaron Judge off his feet a bit in center field.

And what's the reason for Davis at cleanup? We know he probably has to be in the lineup — something fans actually aren't upset about! — but why is he protecting Judge on a $300 million roster? Almost any alternative is better! And who's going to tell Boone you don't need to bench your best hitters available to favor a matchup against a solid pitcher in Andrew Abbott, but one who leads the league in home runs allowed?! Why does this seem so much easier to people who have never managed a baseball team before?

When the Yankees go in these tough stretches, they always figure out a way to make it worse for all involved. And then it seems like the fans have nothing better to do than express rage, but we're the ones dialed into every moment, confused by the consistent missteps that shouldn't characterize an organization of this stature.

So, book it, the Yankees will score 10 runs tonight to make us look like idiots. Good plan, guys.