Juan Soto's Yankees photoshoot just created meme of the year for NYY fans

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages

If you, as a New York Yankees fan, have yet to be captivated by Juan Soto, then you're clearly a difficult person to please. In fact, you might be impossible. Please don't come around these parts if that's how you feel.

For those of us have been thoroughly enjoying Soto's introduction in pinstripes, we've perhaps been outdone by a YES Network camerawoman/photographer/director. Her role is unknown, but her reaction to Soto's recent video/photoshoot was nothing short of legendary.

And it might as well be the meme of 2024 whenever Soto does anything of note. How can it not be? You cannot un-hear this.

YES Network reporter Meredith Marakovits provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look at Soto's on-camera work and he was not the star of the clip.

It was, indeed, the mic'd up woman providing us with unforgettable commentary. In fact, maybe this audio should be Soto's walk-up song for the 2024 season?

Juan Soto's Yankees photoshoot just created meme of the year for NYY fans


Um, but seriously ... that was some impressive stage presence by Soto, who handled his business in one take. Maybe the woman was genuinely shocked and ecstatic because she usually has to tell the rest of the robotic Yankees to do it over again? And again?

Anyway, wait until she sees this guy take live batting practice. We'll be hearing her exclamations on the broadcast.

Soto arrived a day early to Yankees camp and has been lighting it up with home run after home run and lively video clip after lively video clip. He said all the right things when facing the New York media for the first time. It all might not count right now, but it's setting the stage for when it does.

In just a month's time, our "NICE JUANS" and "YAS JUANS" and AWESOME JUANS" will be running up the score.