Juan Soto leaves game during rain delay and Yankees fans are bugging out

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees / New York Yankees/GettyImages

UPDATE: Juan Soto underwent imaging on his forearm on Friday, and manager Aaron Boone will speak to the media at 4 p.m. ET before the series opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Stay tuned.

The New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins series finale was delayed in the fifth inning due to rain, but play resumed about an hour later.

But when the two teams took the field, one of the biggest names was no longer present. Juan Soto was removed from the game for unknown reasons at the time.

Then, not too long after everybody started freaking out, it was revealed Soto is dealing with left forearm discomfort. Let the freaking out take on a whole new meaning.

Yankees fans flooded social media to suggest this team is cursed because Soto's track record of always being available is now in jeopardy with this unexpected "injury" news. But we don't even know what's going on. And while Soto's bill of health has largely been clean, he hasn't been without scares.

Last season he needed an MRI on his finger for what seemed to be an ongoing issue. He was also scratched from a start due to back tightness. Last year during spring training, he suffered a mild oblique strain.

So, what're you people talking about? Relax. Go find a hobby. Or, better yet, grow up! Don't you worsen the vibes. Let the man rest his forearm discomfort and we'll see what's said in the postgame.

Juan Soto Injury: Yankees fans unwell after star gets removed from game

Soto's played in every game so far this season. He played in all 162 games in 2023. He saw 153 games of action in 2022 and 151 in 2021. The man hasn't missed a game since July of 2022. That's nearly two full years. How about the concept of natural wear and tear?

And if there was a game to give him some rest ... it's after a pause in the action on a random night against the Twins (with a three-run lead) because of weather in which the wet conditions could make his presence on the field riskier.

Perhaps it's a bit natural to fear the worst after all the Yankees have been through over the last six years. Perhaps it was irresponsible to conduct their business in this manner, when everyone was already start to grow delirious late on a Thursday night in the midst of a rain delay.

But this is the best team in baseball right now. Can we act like it while we wait for more details?