Juan Soto has spot-on response to possible contract extension with Yankees

San Diego Padres v Oakland Athletics
San Diego Padres v Oakland Athletics / Brandon Vallance/GettyImages

Though most New York Yankees fans can confidently say a Zoom introductory press conference for the most exciting trade acquisition in modern history is underwhelming, it's at least official: Juan Soto will be in the Bronx for the 2024 season. We'll wait for the Yankees' PR team to show up and give the proper advice/insight to the higher-ups one day.

On Tuesday, Soto put on a Yankee hat and spoke to the media about a week after the blockbuster trade with the San Diego Padres became official, and many questions you probably expected were asked.

Want to guess which one was the most prominent? The one about his future in New York and whether or not he'd be open to signing a contract extension. Shocker! Didn't hear that asked before the trade, during the talks, and after it became official.

This time, though, Soto was faced with responding instead of Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman and Scott Boras. What were his thoughts? He's clearly not against it, but that's not the focus at this very moment, and he's not the one who handles that kind of business.

Spoken like somebody who's faced the media before, huh?

Juan Soto has spot-on response to possible contract extension with Yankees

No Yankee fan will take issue with this, though. After Shohei Ohtani's $700 million contract, all bets are off. Soto is almost certain to test free agency. He's earned the right, especially after now being traded twice. And there's no reason for him to limit himself when his market is expected to be far-ranging.

Other than that, however, the mindset is perfect. The focus is 2024. He's adapting to a new setting (the most high-pressure one in the league) and has a goal of winning a championship. That's the Yankees' mentality, too, given Cashman openly said the team is aware this could only be a one-year pairing.

Soto's will to win is well-documented, too. His run with the 2019 Washington Nationals was iconic. His commentary as one of the leaders in San Diego last season was that of a proven champion -- he called out the Padres for "giving up" at one point in the year before the ship finally sank.

Maybe he wants to stay here (if we're to read some clues from the past) or maybe he wants to explore his options after 2024. Either way, he brings a winning mentality and attitude this Yankees roster desperately needs.

The fact he looks good in the hat is an added bonus. Time will tell if that helps play a role in keeping him in pinstripes, but for now he's excited to be here, share a clubhouse with Aaron Judge, and play in front of a big Dominican contingent in the Bronx.

If he's shown a good time, the rest will play itself out, and the Yankees know exactly who to call.