Jose Trevino's tweet will fire Yankees fans up for 2023 season

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three / Elsa/GettyImages

The sour taste in Yankees fans' mouths at the end of 2022 obscured what was, objectively, a fun season full of surprises at several positions. Maybe that's what Brian Cashman was trying to say last week when he instead came off foolish and dismissive.

Either way, maybe leave it alone for a while, Brian, and go build a champion. Thanks.

The list of joyful newcomers was headlined by catcher Jose Trevino, who came over from Texas as an afterthought and finished the 2022 season as an All-Star. Though his offense tailed off after a midsummer toe injury, he still managed two walk-off hits and OPS'd .808 and .791 in May and June (as well as .754 in August) before things went south.

Plus, any offense was borderline a bonus thanks to Trevi's tremendous, Platinum Glove-winning defense, as well as his phenomenal leadership and heartwarming story. Rarely do children who grew up Yankees fans end up starring for the team they were born to play for. Trevino is in the midst of doing just that.

How does anyone plan to follow up being named the game's best defender? Trevino surely has something in store for Year 2 in the Bronx, and he's beyond ready to go, anticipating the start of baseball season a full day before the Super Bowl even ended.

Yankees catcher Jose Trevino is beyond ready for spring training

Everybody else had their "It's Baseball Season" tweets cued up for the final whistle, but Trevino beat the rush by a full 24 hours. Built different.

The 2023 Yankees are beginning to assemble for spring training in Tampa, FL, led by early arrival Kyle Higashioka, who's slated to catch for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic (Nestor Cortes was removed from the roster on Monday). Aaron Judge and DJ LeMahieu were reportedly also spotted getting work in on Monday, while new addition Carlos Rodón was among the first pitchers to arrive.

Trevino and his brethren, the pitchers and catchers, should all be in town in a matter of days ready to prove the vitriol wrong and finally catch a break or two in a head-to-head playoff series with the Houston Astros. Ball's in their court. Why not, right?

It's time to find out what these new Yankees are made of, and Trevino's "Welcome to 2023" post was right on schedule.