Jonathan Papelbon rips Yankees' Alex Verdugo in what's becoming a tired act

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game One
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game One / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

As a New York Yankee fan, if you hated Jonathan Papelbon as a player, then oh boy, you're going to HATE Jonathan Papelbon as Random Man Roaming the Earth. This guy has made it his identity to be a high-profile agitator even when it has no place.

He called out Giancarlo Stanton and thought it'd be absolutely hilarious to call him "Mike" -- a Barstool Sports Special --for no apparent reason. Before that, he ripped Alex Verdugo after the outfielder was traded to the Yankees and (of course) defended manager Alex Cora.

Papelbon recently appeared on "Foul Territory" and had more to say about a wide variety of topics, including another rip-job of Verdugo (we'll get to that in a minute).

What made this all the more ridiculous was he decided to flame former teammate JD Drew for whatever reason. Drew might've not been the most inspiring Red Sox player, but he hit .264/.370/.455 with 80 homers and 286 RBI in 606 games with Boston. Not only that, but he might've hit the most important homer of the Sox's 2007 World Series run.

Papelbon must've forgotten that, though. Instead, he talked about Drew's effort and the incorrect amount of money he earned on his final contract with the Sox. Apparently, Drew's way of going about things "didn't work" in the Red Sox clubhouse ... but he helped propel them to a World Series. Thanks, Pap!

Jonathan Papelbon rips Yankees' Alex Verdugo in what's becoming a tired act

Drew's career earnings were $109 million over the course of 14 years, too. And who cares if he only made one All-Star Game? Since when are All-Star appearances a true gauge on how good a player is?

Anyway, that brings us back to Verdugo, who was tied into Papelbon's argument about clubhouse fits. Former Yankee Erik Kratz said the Bombers are trying to win a World Series and brought in Verdugo to help that cause. Papelbon was at least honest and said he didn't know how things might be different for Verdugo in New York, but he had other continued criticism for the young slugger.

"Look man, I did 30 games with NESN last year, and I’m doing like pregame. And this dude would come at the same time that I showed up to the field. In some, like, Charger, rev his engine up — ‘Look everybody I’m here at the park. Look at me.’ You know what I mean? And you’re late. Nobody wants to play with those players. Nobody wants to play with them.

I do know one thing, I don’t want him on my team. I don’t want somebody who shows up late every day, who doesn’t care, that really plays for himself. … Can that work in New York? Yeah, it can work."

Jonathan Papelbon

We must've overlooked all the times Papelbon was a flawless player and standup citizen on the field. Oh wait ... how about that blown save against the Orioles in 2011 that put the finishing touches on an historic collapse? Or the time he grabbed his crotch in a response to fans and got suspended? Or the time he choked Bryce Harper? Is that a guy he, himself, would "want" in his proverbial foxhole? He's a foxhole.

While his criticism of Verdugo may not necessarily be wrong, Papelbon just isn't the right guy to be dishing out this kind of vitriol when he was far from an exemplary player.