Jomboy, Jake ignite heated conversation with Yankees' Aaron Boone on Red Sox series

Aaron Boone thinks Talkin Jake should try managing the Yankees and see how he likes it.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

All Jake "Talkin' Jake" Storiale was looking for was a little acknowledgement that the post-Aaron Judge Yankees aren't the same as the pre-Aaron Judge Yankees and shouldn't be managed identically.

Midway through Aaron Boone's weekly segment on the Talkin' Yanks podcast, things got testy when this seemingly simple point was made about last Sunday's loss to the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees played to maintain a tie rather than potentially keep the lead. In essence, it seemed they played "not to lose" with a lineup that had let them down time and again, and proceeded to disappoint further later that evening, coming up empty in the eighth, ninth and 10th before losing by a single run.

Look. It's tough. You certainly don't want to allow a single and go down by a run! No one wants that. But the Yankees' best shot at victory involved keeping runs off the board, and Michael King got the grounder he was trying to induce, and it tied the game. The Yanks never recovered.

Already prepared for a joust with two emotional fans-turned-hosts, Boone was armed to the teeth on this particular point, refusing to surrender an inch and claiming he wasn't even "close" to making the opposite call. To his credit, Storiale didn't give, either.

Yankees podcast hosts Jomboy, Jake push back at Aaron Boone's managerial decisions vs Red Sox

"When you manage the team, you can bring them in in that situation," was a truly brutal way for that debate to wrap.

To Boone's credit, he's on this show every week. To their credit, Jomboy and Jake are on the YES Network and have a relationship to maintain with the manager, but that didn't stop them from pressing Boone here, as well as trying to get him to admit that bringing a left-hander in to face Brandon Nimmo, who crushes lefties, might not have been the best idea, either.

These are little moments in individual games that only add up to something bigger when you're spiraling. Mix in a few comfortable wins, and we would've all forgotten about pulling the infield in last Sunday night. Unfortunately Boone, mired in a team-wide slump, doesn't have any margin for error. Based on this conversation, that thin ice wearing on him a bit, too.