Joey Gallo landing with Nationals after multiple failed stints vindicates Yankees

New York Yankees v Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Yankees v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

This will probably be the last time we revisit the Joey Gallo well because it seems as if his career is in the midst of the beginning of the end. And that perhaps might be generous. Because the former New York Yankees slugger just landed with -- drumroll please!! -- the Washington Nationals.

And it's a one-year contract. Unfortunately for the embattled slugger, his plan to rebuild his value with the Minnesota Twins on a one-year deal for the 2023 season backfired, as he was injured and managed to once again bat below .200 across 111 games.

Not that the Yankees or their fans needed further validation here, but Gallo's trifecta of stops after his horrific 140-game stretch in New York solidifies that he is, indeed, the player most fans feared he became when he was traded to New York.

A second-half showing with the 2022 Dodgers was equally bad. He got his footing for about 10 minutes in Minnesota before injuries and inconsistency once again plagued him.

Now he'll attempt to dig out of the depths in the nation's capital, where the Nationals (and the government) are in shambles. The Nats are definitely in the process of turning it around, but this was not what Gallo or Scott Boras had in mind this offseason.

Joey Gallo landing with Nationals after multiple failed stints vindicates Yankees

Gallo struck out 142 times in 332 plate appearances with the Twins. Though he slugged 21 homers, once again, he had few RBI (40) to show for it. He had more extra-base hits than singles. He walked, but definitely not enough, because a .300 on-base percentage is hardly suitable.

His Texas days seem far in the rearview. We're coming up on three years of his last productive stretch of baseball, and maybe there's a chance a dimmed spotlight in Washington could help him get back on track, but many also thought the same thing when he joined the Twins in a low-stakes AL Central division.

The Yankees will have infrequent contact with Gallo come 2024, but as long as he's trading places he'll be of interest to fans, who continue to follow his path solely because of how uniquely detrimentally his quick turnaround in the Bronx transpired.