Jeff Passan going nuclear on Yankees before Opening Day hasn't aged well (yet)

He dropped a Passan bomb on us.
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan is arguably the most level-headed baseball reporter/personality out there, so when he has some harsh things to say about your team, it hits harder than you might expect. New York Yankees fans got a dose of that on Opening Day.

Passan appeared on the Pat McAfee Show Thursday afternoon and was interacting with one of the producers who also happens to be a Yankees fan. Had he not asked Passan the second part of his question, perhaps all would have been fine. Instead, Passan dropped the hammer.

After attempting to get Passan's expectations for the 2024 Yankees, the producer asked if the Orioles could be the "Diamondbacks of 2023 and make a surprising run to the World Series."

Passan responded by bluntly stating the Orioles won 101 games last year and ran away with the AL East. Then came the savagery: "The Orioles are what you wish the Yankees were." Cold-blooded ... because it's half true.

No, Yankees fans don't want to be a club that hasn't won a World Series since 1983, doesn't spend money, and hasn't achieved anything of note since 2014. But that young core ...

Jeff Passan going nuclear on Yankees before Opening Day hasn't aged well (yet)

Passan then added that he wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees missed the playoffs altogether, further stressing how important the loss of Gerrit Cole is, especially if he doesn't return to his peak 2023 form. He reminded fans of how shaky the rotation is behind Cole, which didn't help boost anyone's confidence.

His concerns about the aging roster and the durability of key players also sounded the alarm for fans who were happy about starting the new year with the clean slate. Those problems might somewhat go away in the offseason, but they don't magically disappear once games start, and they surely don't disappear if you have largely the same roster core for the last five years!

This is what happens when you consult the opinion of a brutally honest and extremely knowledgable media professional. Next time, let's just not do it hours before Opening Day. Don't take a page out of Brian Cashman's book on how to kill the vibes before a fresh start.

Thankfully, the Yankees are off to a 6-1 start after a seven-game road trip and are coming back to the Bronx with immaculate vibes. Passan's assessment has validity for sure, but for now, nobody can stop the optimistic freight train headed for the Toronto Blue Jays.