Jack Curry's Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery update kills Yankees' chances

That's that on that.
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Sometime between Marcus Stroman's second earned run and Oswald Peraza's dropped popup, Yankees fans started seriously dreaming of Blake Snell arriving in pinstripes on Sunday.

Unfortunately (for some), you can basically rule that out, even after Cody Bellinger's market cratered to the point of a three-year, $80 million contract in Chicago over the weekend.

Is Snell a $30 million pitcher? Is he a $60+ million pitcher, based on the Yankees' taxation problem? The answer is likely "no" and "no," though a Hal Steinbrenner overpay to add an overqualified sixth starter might've been a nice "go for it" move to appease the fanbase (and if you, a random person, care about an MLB owner's tax payments, you have lost the plot).

While Steinbrenner will reportedly consider anything Cashman puts on his plate this spring in regards to pitching, it seems like this connection is still a bridge too far. Jack Curry delivered his promised Snell/Jordan Montgomery update during the fifth inning of Sunday's game, which is about the time you should've known it wasn't going to breed much excitement.

Curry called the likelihood of either pitcher joining the Yankees "very remote," then focused on the team's elevated taxes. Despite Bill Madden's six-year, $180 million pitch and Jeff Passan claiming the Yankees make "the most sense" for Snell, this dream seems dead.

Yankees' Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery chances are highly unlikely, per Jack Curry

Bob Nightengale's article that asserted the Yankees would rather trade for Dylan Cease than sign Snell makes 10% more sense now, too.

Montgomery's a different boat entirely. He certainly didn't enjoy the Yankees sending him out of town two summers ago, just as his wife arrived to take the next steps in her medical school journey. That's a personal matter; the reunion never seemed likely.

But Snell? Scott Boras missed the boat with the Yankees' early $150 million offer, and the team pivoted to Marcus Stroman instead. Turns out, when it felt as if the door was closing, it actually was. If you're going to sign Snell, you likely need Stroman as well to provide a "known" quantity and 140 innings of stability. If you can only pick one? Stroman at a discount makes more sense. Sorry, Snell-ians. Sorry, Marty Mush. This one's a no go.

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