Is David Cone still on the Yankees' broadcast team for YES Network?

Where'd he, uh, go?
Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game Two
Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game Two / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

A number of color commentators and pregame show desk managers have circled through the Yankees' booth already this season. Several have evoked nostalgic joy ("Yes, Paul O'Neill's back! Oh, wow, Nick Swisher?!"), some have spurred intrusive thoughts ("Does Aaron Boone, uh, know that Joe Girardi's up there?"), and still others have left dads fumbling for the phone, Googling, "Who is Dave and why is he here?" (former Mariners catcher Dave Valle).

But, amidst all the chaos, one familiar voice hasn't made his presence known all that often: David Cone. Fans in need of Cone's unique blend of analytics knowledge with goofball candor could spot him Sunday night in Atlanta calling Braves-Rangers on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, but his recent absence from the YES broadcasts has been conspicuous. He didn't appear in the team's John Sterling montage on Saturday, either, featuring several big names (like O'Neill) who could not be in attendance.

Is Yankees perfect game pitcher David Cone still doing YES Network broadcasts?

We knew Cone had to scale back his efforts to juggle national coverage, but ... this much? Luckily, though it seems like he's receded, Cone is very much still a member of the YES team. In fact, he called the second series of the year in Arizona (but has yet to call a game at Yankee Stadium in April 2024).

His Twitter bio still lists "YES Network" as an active credit. He's still retweeting praise for the YES App. It just appears that the promised reduction in his YES workload has hit a bit harder to start the 2024 season than we might've anticipated.

In 2022, the plan was purportedly to reduce Cone's YES action from 90 games to "50-60" to accommodate national telecasts (and the increased travel involved in such things). Thus far in 2024, his pace seems to have declined significantly, with Jeff Nelson stepping into the color commentary rotation more regularly. Who knows, though? Perhaps, when the summer arrives, Cone will make his presence known in the Bronx more often.

At the very least, if the Yankees continue at their current pace, they should show up on Sunday Night Baseball soon enough.